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The Crosses of Golgatha - Makes you pray and ask God for forgiveness. Because this race is not just by running. But by running with your cross in hand. The thief on the right-side of Christ mocked as well. But then reality stuck him, and he repented. My prayer is that reality strikes you and you too repent and ask Jesus into your heart before it's too late! 

Pastor Johnny O

Isaiah 29:15-16  Woe to those who seek deep to hide their counsel far from the Lord,
And their works are in the dark;
They say, “Who sees us?” and, “Who knows us?”
16 Surely you have things turned around!
Shall the potter be esteemed as the clay;
For shall the thing made say of him who made it,
“He did not make me”?
Or shall the thing formed say of him who formed it,
“He has no understanding”?

The financial collapse - coming soon "look to Europe - Italy!"  

Check out photo of vehicle on left and this video they are the same car ....also found in museum!

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The Goat Farmers 

Obama the Last President - still can be fore filled 

Onto the angel of the Church of "Thyatira"

Revelation 2:18-29

Assassination of JFK  / Proof Positive / Strong Delusion / Mandela Effect

Here is an explanation of events ...but the car is different. But this is historical documented footage? What is going on here? CERN scientists have achieved what God forbids and warns not to do? Change our "time, space continuum."

Now history has been altered but documentation still remains of Satan doings.  

The question remains why would a museum use the reenactment car rather than the actual

vehicle JFK was riding in? Answer...Because the vehicle use in the museum is the actual replica of the vehicle the president was riding in? The Strong Delusion mentioned in the bible is real...we call it Mandela Effect. Proof positive our universe has been altered by ripples of time which has change the order of events, places and titles and so much more.  

December 3, 2016, time stamp 8:21AM
The coming financial collapse by Pastor Johnny O
Before I went to bed I ask the Lord in prayer, “Lord please reveal to me what is

about to occur regarding the financial status of America in a dream please Lord.”

This was my prayer that night on December 2, 2016 at about 11:32PM.
And He did…
I was with friends (who they were I can’t remember) we all went to this hotel or building with a huge lake in the back. It was a gigantic lake, we floated around had fun. I had no fears whatsoever, It was peaceful and pleasant. I even came in and out of the lake entering the building. Why I called it a hotel… just felt like it, the scene would jump to a small airport (not like your main airport) maybe private or another country) it all ties in together.
Then I found myself back at this same building same lake. I remember entering the lake and in my mind I said “this is a lake there are no sharks in here.” And the reason for thinking this is because I don’t like oceans because of sharks and to reassure myself that this was a lake. I was floating around my legs did not touch the bottom of the lake. I do remember me floating around with a drift wood or floaty helping have some fun.

Then as I got to the edge of the building. Because somehow now the buildings edge was in the water. And I didn’t remember this before. As I reached the edge I saw part of the lake in a rage just like white water raging rivers. Moving fast out of control, scary and dangerous. I did see people caught up in this raging moving fast water with their hands up in a panic. They faces could tell you they were in fear. But this was all the same lake I thought. I wasn’t alone watching these people drown in this raging river of water. As I floated back to safer waters away from the edge of the building. Which I remind you was now in the water? The last time I came the building it wasn’t in the water. Now part of the building was submerged… and it wasn’t this way before. As I moved to calmer waters away from the building and far from the raging river. Which I still could see out of my peripheral vision, out of nowhere sand, hurricane force winds, I mean powerful. So powerful it blinded me in an instant, I couldn’t see nothing it got pitch black you couldn’t see your hands before your face. This happened lighting fast and I didn’t move a muscle. Then it was over, When I opened my eyes my jaw dropped. I was covered in ash and sand from head to toe, my body was gray in color. But the most remarkable think I remember was the lake I was floating in, was gone. The raging side of the lake opposite the building where I saw the people drowning “gone.” I was standing on dry dusty ground. I saw the building dry, I saw the vegetation the underwater weeds and everything that was under the lake dry as a bone and I was standing on dry ground covered from head to toe in ash and sand. 

Could this event be related to what is coming in September 23rd of this year 2017. Now I am not saying anything will happen on this date. But if something were to occur like a supernatural "rapture," could this be the start of the downhill spiral which will engulf the world's financial system and plunge it into a crisis? Time will tell. Two weeks of no electronic power, no devices, just confusion, chaos and riots...   

Mystery Revealed! 

What if the mystery of the cross was right in front of our faces. Yet we miss it because Peter didn't have no one to teach it? Well move over my friends because God, called me to teach this powerful revelation of the cross of Peter?

As we contemplate Peter’s failures it give me such comfort in my own walk with Christ. Yes, Peter did sink, but he also had the temerity (which means boldness) to step out of the boat when his peers were too afraid to do so. True, Peter didn’t know what he was talking about when he suggested building shelters on the Mount of Transfiguration, but he was one of only three men invited to the event. Peter, like Judas, denied our Savior. But he also chose to hang out and take his lumps, only to find out that Jesus hadn’t given up on him. Yes, Peter made a mistake by separating from the Gentiles, but he listened to Paul and changed his ways.

The ministry of Peter is closely related to your everyday person coming and living this journey we call Christianity. And to believe right before our eyes. His death and the desired method he choose. Reveal a mystery that fuels believers, evens empowers them to victory in Christ Jesus.

I hope you enjoy this powerful sermon...more to come!

God bless you all in Jesus Mighty name Amen!

Pastor Johnny O  

Here footage of reenactment - note the car they used! The same car in the Historic Auto Attractions museum (The exact same vehicle)

There is still time to fulfill the prophecy of Obama being the last President of United States of America…

There had been so much confusion with regards to Allen C. Martin’s prophecy and other visionaries prophecies about “Obama” being the last President of the United State of America. In defense and prophetic revelation by the Holy Spirit, I have just received insight to how and why this must come to pass. My name is Pastor Johnny O, since the election of President Trump to office, and his successful inauguration to the seat of the presidency. It seems these visionaries failed within their prophecies and are now labeled “false prophets.” But on the contrary there is still time for this fulfillment to occur, and a drastic turn of events must take place to achieve this prophecy. In essences we tend to alter or even exaggerate a prophecy to fit into our feeble little minds. When in fact if we just leave God’s prophecy to speak for its self what is produced is the exact word revealed to these prophets.

 Let me explain, I asked the Holy Spirit, about Obama being the last President, and what He revealed was a set of events that will solidify this prophecy. What God revealed was “the elimination of the sovereignty of the United States, merging into a global governmental system of new order.” This process of governing system has no need of presidential or kingly rule because one person will be set above all to monitor a global system. So what is needed to implement this governing rule, is a “global catastrophic event. Which encompasses the entire world economically, spiritually, and physically into moral and diverse chaos.” So in retrospect out this chaotic nightmare a system of governing supremacy can emerge.

 So the elimination of the sovereignty of Individual nations for the better good of the global community will for fill the elimination of the 45th Presidency. Because he will never complete and achieve a full term. This will in essence for fill the prophecy of all the prophets proclaiming that “Obama would be the last president the 44th and final president to the United States.”

 My prayer is that this clarifies a permeating misunderstanding and disrespect to God’s prophets. Of course we still need this supernatural event to take place then what the Holy Spirit revealed to me, will then become a nightmarish reality in all our lives. What the Holy Spirit revealed to me will engulf and transform every living creature and open their eyes to the end times.

 SCOJC.com / Pastor Johnny O   

September 15, 2017  

Church is in Session!

Here is a New clip speaking about Historic Auto Attractions - fast forward to 1:20 note the reporter never mentions anything except this was the car?

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God never revealed a timing when this might occur. But my spirit tells me a collapse (a small one) first occurs then we enter into prosperity for a short time. Nothing to worry. But unbeknownst to all behind the shadows the lake creeps up to (financial woes) to the building (our living, everyday lives). Part of the lake became raging drowning people who got caught in its rage (hand me downs, government assistance, loans) ended. They drowned, began to rioted because they were not prepared no jobs, no education, nothing but the waters taking them away. Could the waters represent financial chaos and homeland security taking them away in Marshall Law.
Then it happened without warning could it be war, nuclear, natural, cosmic, supernatural. Whatever it was happened lighting fast caught everyone even me by surprise. We were all powerless to its destructive force. It was blinding, fearsome, immobilizing and consequential. No one was immune to its force and conclusions. The end had happened, I saw the financial destruction of America.

If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. I invite you to ask Him into your heart today this minute – Jesus I am a sinner, please I repent of all my sins, I turn away from sin. I believe you died and rose again, I believe you are the Son of God, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, please write my name in the Lambs Book of Life. And I will from this day forth will serve you with all my heart, soul, finances and family my everything. Please Lord Jesus save me today by your blood that washes me clean from sin. Thank you Father God, for your Son Jesus who died on Calvary Cross for me, thank you Jesus Son of God, the long awaited Messiah, thank you Holy Spirit who teaches me, guides me, provides for me, and protects me. It’s in your name Lord Jesus I pray Amen!           

Believers of the Strong Delusion / Mandela Effect - Explaining the truth!