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The War is on - Part Two

What is about to happen - nothing or something? For me, two years ago around Christmas at Christian Life Center during a Christmas event God anointed me with fire. Then during a cruise ship trip with two friends. God came to me and spoke and anointed me with visions and scripture at 12:35 PM in the afternoon. 

My wife caught me when the Holy Spirit came upon me.... What God revealed was that the "rapture" was about to take place... 

Now after many weeks of prayer and fasting - I know what God is about to do... the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive - start preaching and teaching. 

Then at a appointed time we go home... 

But God also reveal the nightmare and chaos that will ensue just after this event takes place. Complete 

nightmare, with no communications for about two weeks... shut down! 

God save His people...

Pastor Johnny O - Date Sept 14th 2017 (9 days and counting) 

Set Me Free by Grace_Part Two

Set Me Free by Grace_Part One


Time Travel has caused our time and space to become disrupted! Strong Delusion...Mandela Effect! 2 Thessalonians 2:2-13 God has allowed this to happen! 

Where a disciple can be a believer! 

Blood Moon Timelines

You are not crazy - The Strong Delusion has begun!

**** Mandela Effect ****  

2 Thessalonians 2:2-13 - proofs this can happen! 

Strong Delusion has begun! 

The Importance of Spreading the Word About the Effect   

Set Me Free by Grace_Part Three

Blood Moon Timeline Continues

The War is on - Part One

Revival Show with Pastor Johnny O / Preaching and Teaching God’s Holy Word!

 Who would think years later that this show and God’s ministry would open hearts to the end times like never before! The photo on the left was taken at a concert Johnny O, was attending. At the bottom is a clear picture of Johnny’s human form undisturbed in a person’s camera. But on the stage Johnny O is missing his feet and it seems as if he is floating. But the most remarkable aspect is the Spirit of God all over him with a cross by his side. Who would ever imagine someone would capture the Holy Ghost on film and they did! All Glory to Yeshua our Messiah!

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