Dear Promoter – If you wish to work with another booking agent,please do so… we respect your wishes. But Johnny O is exclusive with Fever Bookings and commission will be accommodated by Funktastic and Fever Bookings.

Exclusivity clause Section C mark 777 page 29. 

On that note Please then contact JEN @ 954-734-4156  

JEN – “I welcome everyone to the future of success in the music industry. Let’s begin the future is ours!”

Jen - 954-734-4156

Thirty years in the making and finally it's here...

The Official undisputed Video for "FANTASY GIRL" 

Presented by "Funktastic Publishing"  and Funktastic Entertainment.

The wait is over....

Johnny O - Simply incredible!



Loving You Forever!


You have just entered into the chambers of music industries silhouettes of greatness. Welcome to Funktastic Entertainment

Sal Abetello - 914-725-0011

Every marvelous and triumph company is led by an intelligent and motivated entrepreneur, Jen Ortiz – General Manager – Is well qualified to achieve these project objectives. Her resume extensive as it is; has achieved stardom for groups and single individuals, mainstream radio promotions, coordinator for humongous events (arena’s and private functions), managerial skills, song writer, arranger, mainstream singer… and the list goes on…  

In sponsoring or working hand in hand; “Jen” and her facility of players (are the team) you want!

Dedicated to excellence, professional execution of all parameters of music, Funktastic Entertainment is a cut above the rest. When industry juggernauts work harmoniously with this industry protagonist, the results are always the same, astonishing success.

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